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Outpatient Diabetes Education

The Scarlet & Grey Way to Diabetes Self-Management Education Program offers comprehensive services for patients with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. Our goal is to provide instruction and technologies to help patients manage diabetes to the best of his or her ability. We believe that through education, people living with diabetes can achieve therapeutic goals and, in the long run, prevent long-term diabetes complications.

All patients require a physician referral before being scheduled for diabetes education classes.
If you have any question or would like to schedule an appointment, please call 614-688-6251.

If you are an OSU provider and would like to refer to our program please choose "Ambulatory Referral to Diabetic Education" in epic and the order will be routed to us.


Outpatient Diabetes Education Class Descriptions

Class Name

Typical Length


Comprehensive Outpatient Education

Two 3 Hour Sessions

Topics to include nutrition, medicine, blood sugar monitoring, exercise, treating acute and chronic complications, problem solving, stress management & coping.  Schedule for < 10 hours in group setting; < 2 hours available for 1:1 follow-up. If barrier identified, schedule in 1:1 setting.

Diabetes Discharge

1 Hour

Topics to include nutrition, medicine, blood glucose monitoring.
Schedule for < 3 hours in group or 1:1 setting

Diabetes Nutrition

1 Hour

Topics to include label reading meal planning and carbohydrate counting and its impact on blood glucose and diabetes medicine needs. Schedule for < 6 hours in 1:1 or group setting.

Glucose Sensor Start

1 Hour

Topics: initiation of device, insertion, calibration, mechanics, software upload. Schedule in 1:1 or group setting for 0.5-8 hours

Insulin Training

1 Hour

Topics to include purpose of insulin therapy, administration including mechanics, dosing, site rotation, blood glucose monitoring and sharps disposal. Schedule for < 3 hours in group or 1:1 setting.

Info Session for Insulin Pumps & CGMs

 1.5 Hours

Review of pump & CGM options; benefits & limitations of device(s); review of OSU protocol; time with device representatives.

Insulin Pump Review

 2 Hours

Topics to include insulin pump mechanics, pattern management, infusion sets and site care and rotation, pump software, troubleshooting, insulin pump failure. Schedule for <6 hours in group or 1:1 setting.

Insulin Start & 
Follow-Up Program    

 2-6 hours

Topics: initiation of device, mechanics, pattern management, infusion sets and site care, pump software, troubleshooting insulin pump failure. Schedule in 1:1 or group setting for 1-8 hours.

Staying the Course

 1 Hour

Diabetes education follow-up program. Topic rotates monthly, each session is 1 hour in length. Schedule for < 8 hours in group setting.