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Inpatient Diabetes Program

The goal of the Inpatient Diabetes Program at The Ohio State University Medical Center is to improve diabetes care through research, education and streamlining, standardizing and improving patient care.

Over the past five years, Ohio State’s Medical Center has implemented several hospital-wide inpatient glycemic control initiatives. Inpatient diabetes care has been earmarked as a priority Quality Performance Initiative at Ohio State, and Dara Schuster, MD, and colleagues have received the Anthem Hospital Quality Program Meritorious Award for the best practices in diabetes management.
Diabetes Control, Compliance and Continuity (DC3)program
- assists patients with goal setting and achievement,
-provides a bridge for the transition to outpatient care.

Resources for healthcare professionals include:
-concise clinical practice guidelines
-formal inpatient diabetes rotation with a structured curriculum for resident physicians and
-Diabetes Unit Resource Nurses (DURNs) --specially trained nursing champions that serve as leaders and liaisons between the inpatient diabetes program and their respective units.

Inpatient Diabetes Program at The Ohio State University Hospital East

The Inpatient Diabetes Program at Ohio State ‘s University Hospital East started in 2006.The healthcare team includes an advanced practice nurse,certified diabetes educators at Universphysicians, RNs, diabetes unit resource urses, dietitians and support staff.

Our diabetes team works closely with patients across a continuum of care from inpatient admission, through hospitalization, outpatient follow up and outpatient education.The outpatient clinic at University Hospital East also offers onsite access to other specialties important for holistic care of the diabetic patient such as ophthalmology, podiatry, cardiology and vascular services.