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Dr. Osei and Dr. Gaillard receive Minority Health Awards

Dr. Kwame Osei is the first recipient of the The Ohio Commission on Minority Health’s Ray Miller
Crystal Stair Award.
His commitment, dedication, and research, as a physician and a scholar, is well
known throughout the nation and the world. The Global Diabetes Summit, which bares his signature
and vision for addressing this disease, comprehensively and urgently, is a testament to his resolve to
make a lasting difference in the lives of those who suffer from this illness. In commending Dr. Osei,
Ray Miller said:
“I am humbled that the Ohio Commission on Minority Health saw fit to name an award in my honor. Those
who know me well, fully understand that everything that I did as a policy maker in the field of health care,
was done for very personal reasons. It is easy to fight when you are fighting in memory of your mother, your
brothers, your father, and countless others who have experienced the same maladies as have they. Regardless of
what drives you to help others, what matters most, is that your efforts are honest, ethical, and results-oriented.
Dr.Osei, I have always known you as a “compassionate doer.” It is my hope that the presentation of this award
will encourage others to elevate the level of their service and act with a greater sense of urgency to save lives
and ameliorate health conditions.”

Dr. Trudy Gaillard received the 2014 Cheryl Boyce Minority Health Knowledge Award from the Ohio Commission on Minority Health.